• Annual Energy Model.  Before you build, determine how much energy your new home will use.  An annual energy model can predict your building's energy consumption and guide design decisions. 
  • Air Flow Analysis. Greenworks uses IES-VE software to model wind and stack driven air flow through buildings.
  • Solar Penetration Modeling.Greenworks can provide an annual solar penetration model to determine the appropriate window overhangs, shades and orientation for your home.
  • Daylight Assessment. "Daylighting" is a measurement of natural daylight in your home.  Greenworks uses IES-VE software to predict daylight levels and determine the need for additional lighting.

‚ÄčGreenworks is your source for quantitative and forward thinking green building design and problem solving.


  1. Manual J. ACCA Manual J, S, and D are the standard for residential design of heating and cooling equipment.  Greenworks uses Wrightsoft software to ensure that your furnace, air conditioner, and ductwork are properly designed.  Required by building codes required throughout Idaho, Greenworks can quickly work with your HVAC contractor to get your building project underway.
  • Air Balancing. Greenworks uses an Alnor Flow Hood to ensure that each room of the house gets the right amount of air.
  • Duct Testing.Duct testing ensures that duct systems are air-tight.

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  • Energy Audits.From a simple site visit to an extensive energy model, Greenworks can help you increase home comfort and reduce energy costs following a home energy audit.
  • Blower Door Testing.  A blower door test measures the air infiltration of your home, finds leaks, and can be used for a variety of problem-solving applications. 
  • Fireplace Solutions. Fireplaces can be a nightmare when they back-draft or spill smoke into the room.  Greenworks uses home pressure diagnostics and extensive experience to fix your fireplace.  Building a new fireplace?  Talk to us first!
  • Infrared Surveys.Locate missing insulation, air leaks, water leaks, in-floor heating, and more with infrared.